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Alphamed launched new website with commitment to providing Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Veterinary Instruments and Diagnostic Instrument ....

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Alpahmed announces launch of new & comprehensive range for Diagnostic Instruments .....

Explorers, Delicate,
Amalgam Pistolen
Tooth Extracting For
Instruments for Root
Tooth Forceps for Ch
Scalers, Curettes
Titan handels,Workin
Grinding Stones, Ste
Periodontal Instrume
Raspatories, Files,
Mucotome, Tongue & P
Micro Scalpels, Gin
Periodontal Surgery
Endodontic Microsurg
Mouth Mirrors, Handl
Tooth Tweezers
Mouth Gags, Retracto
Gum, Surgical, Ligat
Dissecting, Dressing
Towel Clamps
Awls & Suction Instr
Bone Curettes
Bone Rongeurs, Bone
Needle Holders & Nee
Aspira-Plus, Water S
Osteotomes & Mallets
Reposition Forceps
Plastic Filling Inst
Burnisher & Nerve In
Instruments for Remo
Impression Trays
Crown Instruments, R
Waxing Instruments
Pliers for Technic,
Wire Bending Pliers
Rubber-Dam Instrumen
Matrices, Matrix Ret
Composite - Instrume
Separating Forceps,
Kidney Trays, Round
Dental Instruments | Mucotome, Tongue & Plasters Spatulas
ART No: GB-270
ART No: GB-273
ART No: GB-271
ART No: GB-274
ART No: GB-275
ART No: DO-301-R
Size: 180 mm, 7"
ART No: DO-302-R
Size: 180 mm, 7"
ART No: DO-302-R
Size: 180 mm, 7"
ART No: DO-303-R
Size: 170 mm, 6"
ART No: DO-305-R
Size: 175 mm, 7"
ART No: OM-202-R
Size: 145 mm, 5"
ART No: OM-203-R
Size: 140 mm, 5"
ART No: OM-205-R
Size: 180 mm, 7"
ART No: OM-208-R
Size: 190 mm, 7"
ART No: DB-776-R
Size: 135 mm, 5"
ART No: DF-120-R
Size: 100x100 mm, 4x4
ART No: DF-121-R
Size: 130x80 mm, 5x3"
ART No: DF-131-R
Size: 150 mm, 6"
ART No: DF-135-R
Size: 170 mm, 6"
ART No: DF-138-R
Size: 165 mm, 6"
ART No: DF-150-R
Size: 185 mm, 7"
ART No: DF-153-R
Size: 180 mm, 7"
ART No: DF-161-R
Size: 175 mm, 7"
ART No: DF-163-R
Size: 180 mm, 7"
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